We are working to bring information to you on all issues concerning EMF dangers and safety.


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Meet people around the country willing to reach out and offer support.

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The Safety Net


Delivering the voice of EMF concerns.

The EMF Action Network (EMFAN)  mission is  to provide discussion on topics concerning the overgrown spread of wireless technology in our lives and how it affects our well being.  

Each show features different guests and is distributed primarily through podcasts available through Itunes.  Each show presents different guests who present their point of view and stories concerning the exorbitant expansion of wireless technology in our culture.  Topics include electromagnetic hypersensitivity,  mobile or cellular phone dangers, WiFi usage, Smart Meter concerns, Cell Tower hazards, health concerns on EMF or microwave radiation and more. 


EMF Action Network

Podcasts.  Information.  Networking.

Guests from EHS sufferers to Doctors to community leaders.

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